Brds is a film made with Astrid de la Chapelle that was originally a response to the context, Pour les Oiseaux, a small commission to produce a film in dialogue with the work of Vinciane Despret.

Brds is the subtraction of all scenes of humans and violence from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. This absence of narrative tension transforms the remaining sequence of shots, in order, into a calm ornithological study. Attention shifts from the interpretation of malicious intention to the observation of animal behavior.

Lurking off screen are strong cultural memories of encaging, Oedipal desire, unspeakable acts, empty stares and a constant quest to attribute human intentionality to animals that resist interpretation. With repeated visions of the film as a loop, slowly emerges the cinematic construction and artificial nature of both images and sounds.

    Film, 2'10 / color / HD / sound / found footage from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds
  • Brds was originally part of commission, Pour les Oiseaux, to produce a film in dialogue with the work of Vinciane Despret, Sur le sentier des Lauzes, Ard├Ęche