yann beauvais
Document announcing the exhibition at the American Center, Paris, 1995

In his work, Jeff Guess raises questions concerning identity and the human body by juxtaposing two types of photography within the same exhibition space: one concerns legal matters - a speeding violation on his wedding day; the other of a more intimate, private nature made up of 24 sténopés (or pinhole camera photographs) of objects he touches.

Fonce Alphonse shows how getting caught for a speeding violation puts sophisticated technology into action in order to produce an ordinary police photograph.

On the other hand, his personal photographs using a less refined technique turn his body, in this case, his own mouth which he uses to take the photographs, into a camera obscura.

In this work, From Hand to Mouth, 24 images are printed on a circular strip which brings to mind the history of cinema as well as that of photography. Seen from the outside, the strip of sténopés looks as though the photographs have not yet completly come into focus and are suspended in time, in a constant process of becoming. We have to step inside to perceive a developed image and also to see what is external, repeating in this way the photographer's own procedure, which makes the body the essential element in his work.

American Center Invite